Expo-Panel Power Distribution Boxes - 200-400 Amp

Expo-Panel Power Distribution Boxes

Our Expo-Panel Power Distribution Boxes are UL Listed portable distribution boxes for use in convention and exposition halls. These boxes are built for “NEMA Type 1 Indoor Use Only” applications which also include television and motion picture studios, or theater / stage production areas. The “Expo-Panel Series™” are constructed using a lightweight and high impact polycarbonate enclosure that has a high-temperature dimensional stability and low-temperature impact strength, in addition to being flame retardant (to U.L. 94). The transparent front cover and dead-front panel will allow the user to visually monitor and inspect enclosed components without removing the cover.

Model Number Power InputPower OutletsInput Cable
L x W x H
EXPCV60A60 Amp, 3Ø 208V3-20 Amp, 3Ø 208V L21-20
2-20 Amp, 1Ø 120V 5-20 Duplex
IEC-309 Pin & Sleeve20" x 12" x 6" 21 lbs
EXPCV60B60 Amp, 3Ø 208V9-20 Amp, 1Ø 120V 5?20 Duplex (Red, Blk, & Blu)IEC-309 Pin & Sleeve20" x 12" x 6" 21 lbs
EXPCV100A100 Amp, 3Ø 208V6-20 Amp, 3Ø 208V L21-20 IEC-309 Pin & Sleeve20" x 12" x 6"21 lbs 
EXPCV100B 100 Amp, 3Ø 208V6-20 Amp, 3Ø 208V L21-20 16 Series 5-W Set Cam-lok20" x 12" x 6" 21 lbs  
EXPCV100C 100 Amp, 3Ø 208V5-20 Amp, 3Ø 208V L21-20  
3-20 Amp, 1Ø 120V 5-20 Duplex (Red, Blk, & Blu)
 IEC-309 Pin & Sleeve20" x 12" x 6"21 lbs  
EXPCV100D 100 Amp, 3Ø 208V15-20 Amp, 1Ø 120V 5-20 Duplex (Red, Blk, & Blu)IEC-309 Pin & Sleeve 20" x 12" x 6"21 lbs  
 EXPCV200A200 Amp, 3Ø 208V1-200 Amp 3-Pole Circuit Breaker
1-16 Series 5-Wire Set Cam-lok
 16 Series 5-W Set Cam-lok-- lbs 
 EXPCV200B200 Amp, 3Ø 208V4-60 Amp, 3Ø 208V IEC-309 Pin & Sleeve 16 Series 5-W Set Cam-lok - lbs
EXPCV200C200 Amp, 3Ø 208V8-20 Amp, 3Ø 208V L21-20 16 Series 5-W Set Cam-lok - - lbs
EXPCV200D200 Amp, 3Ø 208V8-30 Amp, 3Ø 208V L21-30 16 Series 5-W Set Cam-lok- lbs
EXPCV400A400 Amp, 3Ø 208V4-16 Series 5-W Set Cam-lok 16 Series 5-W Set Cam-lok- - lbs
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Standard Features

Available Options

  • 60 Amp – 400 Amp Configurations
  • 208 Volt 3Ø Input (5-W Set 16 Series Cam-Lok or IEC-309 Pin & Sleeve)
  • High Quality Output Devices
  • Lightweight, High Impact Polycarbonate Enclosure
  • Flame Retardant (to U.L. 94)
  • Transparent Front Cover and Dead-Front Panel
  • NEMA Type 1 Indoor Use Only
  • UL Listed Portable Power Distribution Panel

Customization available by request.

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