Dryer Plug to 50 Amp Connector Adapters

Our Dryer Plug to 50 Amp Connector Adapters can be used to convert a variety of dryer receptacles into a 50 Amp “CS Style” connector to provide power to a Spider Box or anything requiring a 50 Amp 125/250V “CS Style” connection. This is a great item for disaster recovery and restoration.

Power Temp Systems, Inc. 30A dryer and 50A range to 50A CS Style twist-lock adapters are safe for use in temporary applications as described in article 590 of the National Electric Code.  Temporary installations are time-constrained and removed within a short time frame.  All Power Temp adapters are clearly marked “For temporary Installations Only”.

Dryer Plug to 50 Amp Connector Adapters CS Style

In structures prior to the 1996 edition of the National Electric Code, the NEC allowed the neutral conductor to serve a dual purpose, (1) the neutral conductor, and (2) the equipment grounding conductor for electric ranges, wall-mounted ovens, surface cooking units, and clothes dryers.

In a temporary installation, all receptacles must be of the grounding type, and all 125V, single-phase, 15A, 20A, and 30A receptacles that are not part of the permanent wiring of the building or structure and in use by personnel, shall have GFCI protection for personnel.

In order to achieve this, Power Temp Systems, Inc. developed an adapter that ties into the range or dryer outlet in buildings or structures with older style outlets to provide power to a Temporary Power Box / Spider Box with GFCI and circuit breaker protection. The adapters utilize an external ground terminated to the ground pin only of a 15A rated straight blade plug that easily connects to a nearby outlet allowing an access point to ground.  The grounding pin on this device in conjunction with the #8AWG ground wire is a safe ground connection for temporary installations and insures both circuit protection for the equipment being powered, and GFCI for the operator.

Note: This adapter is to be used for TEMPORARY INSTALLATIONS ONLY. In order to safely use a 3 wire 250V residential receptacle (dryer or range) to supply power to a Temporary Power Box, this adapter is equipped with a special connector to establish a ground connection.

  • 30 Amp 3 Pole 3 Wire** (NEMA 10-30P) to 50 Amp 3 Pole 4 Wire “CS Style” (Female)
  • 50 Amp 3 Pole 3 Wire** (NEMA 10-50P) to 50 Amp 3 Pole 4 Wire “CS Style” (Female)
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