Square D I-Line Panels

I-line panels are the most versatile portable power distribution panel available today. Our I-Line panelboards are capable of operating at voltages of 208V thru 600V and are available in sizes ranging from 400A up to 3000A. They feature the unique square D distribution panel system that allows you to add and subtract circuit breakers in the field to fit your particular application with ease. A screwdriver is all that is required to mount a 15A through 1200A circuit breaker. The circuit breakers ratchet firmly onto the I-Line buss stack, and then captive retaining screws secure the circuit breaker to the back panel. Our I-Line Panelboard series utilizes our modular, removable gland plate system for ease of outlet exchange.

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I-Line Panels power distribution by Power Temp Systems Houston TX

Standard I-Line Panel Specifications

Our Standard I-Line panel is the industries first I Line panel featuring an inverted interior with hardwire output access on the top of the panel, rather than the cumbersome bottom location. This configuration includes all of the above with the following modifications/ additions.

  • 63″ or 99″ breaker space
  • Inverted interior
  • 45° flip cover cam-lok inputs with locking access door
  • Smart Lug hard wire inputs with locking access door
  • 400A – 3000A configurations
  • Capable of operating at a wide range of voltages (208V thru 600V)
  • 15A to 1200A breakers
  • Removable gland plate for easy installation of output devices
  • Polyester powder-coated steel rack
  • Forklift / pallet jack accessible
  • Four point recessed lifting eyes
  • Polyester powder-coated aluminum enclosure
  • External grounding connection
  • NEMA Type 3R weatherproof for outdoor use
  • UL listed up to 1200A (UL 1640)
  • Optional heavy-duty polyester swivel casters
  • Optional heavy-duty aluminum power-coated rack
  • Additional customization available by request

Basic I-Line Panel Specifications

Our Basic I-Line panels are a more affordable option with most of the same features as our standard I-Line Panels. The differences are:

  • 45″ or 63″ breaker space available
  • Hardwire outputs in regular, bottom location
  • 90° cam-lok inputs