Generator Maintenance Panels for Continuous Power

Reducing downtime in general has always been one of the main priorities for many oil companies. Large, portable generators are usually the only power source for most of these operations due to their location out in the middle of nowhere far from any source of utility power.

Generator maintenance is something you cannot avoid nor should your company try to. Keeping your prime power generator running continuously and efficiently with preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding any problems with it. The only problem when performing maintenance on a prime power generator is that it normally requires the complete shutdown of your generator and your operations, causing downtime at your facility.

Now, a sudden and unexpected problem caused by lack of maintenance will cause a much longer period of downtime than simple maintenance does, so most companies have accepted the fact that downtime during generator maintenance is inevitable. That is, downtime WAS inevitable until Power Temp Systems created a way to perform generator maintenance without losing power or stopping your operations.

Reduce Downtime During Generator Maintenance, Back Up Genset

Our innovative Generator Maintenance Panel is a product that is taking the market by storm reducing downtime in ways never thought of before. The Generator Maintenance Panel is an affordable way to quickly and safely connect a second power source while performing maintenance on the primary unit.

Aside from maintenance procedures, the maintenance panel can also be used as a method to provide a backup generator in parallel with the already onsite generator. So, if either generator goes down, the other genset takes the full load. The Maintenance Panel is an innovative product that is eliminating downtime and increasing production uptime across the board.

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Generator Maintenance Panels

Standard Features

  • 200/400 Amp – 600 Amp Configurations
  • UL and cUL Listed
  • Will not void any generator manufacturers ULs
  • Cam-Lok Inputs
  • Isolation Breaker