3200A Common Smart Buss

Common Buss Panels

Our 3200A Common Buss Panel is a complimentary product to our Quick Connect Paralleling Panel line of products. The Common Buss panel has many applications including those requiring a very large load.

Our Portable Quick Connect Paralleling Panels can handle up to 6 generators and 3600amps, while maintaining the portability of the paralleing panel. When the load requirement is greater than that, multiple portable paralleling panels are required. In these applications, the Common Buss panel can easily and safely tie those sets together, providing one set of output wires to tie into the load.

The 3200A Common Buss panel allows for Cam-Lok, Harwdwire, Ring Terminal or 2 Hole Compressions Lug Connections and also features our patented Smart Lugs.

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