How To Maximize Worksite Safety When Using Power Distribution Boxes

Do you work in locations that often don’t have electrical power, but your job requires safe and adequate distribution of power into these locations? Power distribution boxes are a perfect and safe option. Temporary power distribution is an essential but potentially dangerous aspect of most jobs.

Temporary electrical power is utilized in many places like construction sites, plants, and buildings undergoing renovations. Any electrical installation, whether permanent or temporary, should be installed according to all codes, standards, and regulations. Power distribution boxes are designed to be rugged, durable, and dependable in even the most challenging situations and outdoor environments.

Safety Standards for Temporary Power Distribution

spider box temporary power distribution box by Power Temp Systems Houston TXIt’s important to make sure you review all OSHA regulations and other applicable standards when implementing temporary power distribution boxes. If you’re working on a construction site, review the NSC requirements and recommendations that apply to the project. Always ensure that any temporary electrical power source is being used by qualified electrical workers. This is the foundation to build procedures that ensure safety on the job site and prevent injuries. Unfortunately, in many cases, the equipment used in temporary installations is not rated for the environment it is being used in or it isn’t rated to the highest standards that it could be.

Even if safety standards are being followed, your staff is certified, and all are following the established safety procedures, there is still the element of equipment quality that needs to be met for optimal safety. Some common violations found with temporary power on construction sites are wiring not rated or listed for the application, and openings not covered on distribution panels. Sometimes it can be as simple as not using proper cable terminations, and not using the proper covers on receptacles or junction boxes at the job site. These are common flaws found with equipment that isn’t UL certified.

What does it mean to use UL-certified equipment?

The UL standard sets the bar for all electrical equipment. When you purchase equipment with the UL label on it, you can trust you are getting the best equipment that’s on the market. Why trust UL-certified equipment? Because it’s not easy to get a UL-certified sticker on equipment. To become UL certified, the equipment must pass a series of tests and meet manufacturing requirements. Endurance tests are done on equipment to ensure it can withstand heavy usage. UL-certified equipment manufacturers are visited regularly by certification agents to ensure that products are continuously being engineered and constructed according to UL’s standards.

Power Temp Systems’ power distribution carts and boxes are available in sizes ranging from 50 Amps to 400 Amps. Our product line features a high-quality selection of input and output devices to maximize worksite safety and efficiency. Our rugged power distribution boxes are engineered and built to withstand the abuse of almost any work environment.