Portable Transformers

Our portable step-up and step-down transformers are industrial-grade, portable power units that provide a reliable source of electricity for nearly any project. These devices are designed for sites where an existing voltage needs to be either reduced, increased, or cleaned to provide electrical power to various equipment. Our portable transformers are available in any voltage requirement in WYE (“Y”) or Delta configurations ranging in size up to 2500kVA.

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300 kVA portable transformer

Standard Features

  • Four-wheel cart.
  • Heavy-duty welded frame/cart.
  • Heavy-duty swivel casters.
  • Cable storage compartment.
  • Forklift pockets.
  • Heavy-duty lifting eyes (4).
  • Polyester powder coat finish.
  • Primary and secondary protection.
  • 16 Series Cam input and output receptacles.
  • NEMA Type 3R weatherproof for outdoor use.

Available Options

By using different taps, inputs, outputs, rotary switches and breakers, this transformer is capable of stepping up, stepping down and isolation at low voltages ranging from 120V to 600V.

Shielded Isolation Transformers
Take existing 208V and transforms it into 120/208V.  They also build their own neutral and have their own isolated ground.

Portable Step-Up Transformers
Take a lower voltage and raise it to a higher voltage such as 120/208V up to 277/480V, 480V up to 600V, or for international voltages, 120/208 up to 220/380-400-440V.

Portable Step-Down Transformers
Take a higher voltage and reduce it to a lower voltage such as 480V down to 120/208V, 600V down to 480V or 120/208, or for international voltages, 380-400-440V to 120/208V.