Smart Generator Paralleling Panels

Smart Generator Paralleling Panels

Our Smart Generator Paralleing Panels allow you to safely, quickly and seamlessly parallel multiple types, sizes and brands of generators – even those without parallel capabilities. Available in 400 Amp – 4000Amp configurations, these panels feature WebSupervisor by ComAp.

WebSupervisor is a web based system designed for monitoring and controlling ComAp controllers via the internet. Each piece of equipment can be individually monitored using any internet enabled device such as PC, notebook or even a smart-phone – enabling equipment monitoring at any time or place.

Standard Features

Available Options

  • Twin Smart ComAp programmable controllers, AVRs, and motor operated circuit breakers.
  • Control start/stop synchronizing.
  • Proportional, programmable load sharing and run times.
  • WebSupervisor wireless remote monitoring and control.
  • Stackable up to 16 panels / 32 generators.
  • Cam-Lok inputs with Cam-Lok and hardwire outputs.
  • Nema 3R aluminum powder coated enclosure with integrated fork-lift accessibility.
  • Stainless enclosures and galvanized cages available.
  • Custom colors by request.
  • Additional customization available by request.

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