What is Paralleling? – Paralleling Made Easy

What is Paralleling?

In technical terms, Paralleling in electrical generator terms is the combination or synchronization of two electrical inputs by matching the output voltage waveform of one electrical system with the voltage waveform of another system. To put it in simpler terms, paralleling generators is connecting two generators (often the same brand, type, and size are necessary) together to provide double the wattage.

This connection will work together in a way that increases the wattage amount that goes into the equipment or building you are powering. Paralleling increases the power supply which then allows for more than just the basic necessities to be on and running during a power emergency.

What Are The Benefits of Paralleling Generators?

Instead of relying on a single generator during power emergencies, more facility managers are recognizing the benefit of paralleling generators. Paralleling multiple generators increases reliability, flexibility in load management, and maintenance capabilities with little to almost no disruption in power.

One of the primary benefits of paralleling generators is eliminating single points of failure in a standby power system, thereby decreasing the risk of losing power in the event of generator failure. Multiple generators paralleled can better serve medical facilities providing constant emergency care and business-critical standby power sources.

Rewriting The Rules of Paralleling Generators

Smart Generator Paralleling Panels
Smart Generator Paralleling Panels

Matching units for paralleling isn’t as easy as just connecting two generators. Most electric professionals, who are familiar with generator paralleling, know that the key for paralleling generators properly is to ensure that when you purchase a generator to parallel that it is capable of running alongside an additional unit, then matching them with the correct size and type of generator. Some generators even require the same brand in order to properly parallel.

When sizing generators to pair, matching up load requirements for paralleling generators is often difficult. It’s difficult to accurately predict the unexpected increases and decreases in your load when adding and subtracting equipment or tools. Finding perfect matches for paralleling generators can be difficult, but Power Temp Systems’ Smart Generator Paralleling Panel provides a way to parallel almost any generator.

The Smart Generator Paralleling Panel allows you to safely, quickly, and seamlessly parallel multiple types, sizes, and brands of generators – even those without parallel capabilities. The Smart Panel is available from 400 Amp to 4000Amp configurations, and these panels feature a web-based monitoring system that is designed for monitoring and control your panel from anywhere. Each piece of equipment can be individually monitored using any internet-enabled device such as a PC, notebook, or even a smartphone. The program can enable equipment monitoring at any time or any place.

In addition, the Smart Panel allows for greater flexibility allowing for any generator to be added for additional power supply whenever required. Similarly, redundant generators can be detached from the unit when they no longer need to be used separately at another site. Contact the power distribution experts at Power Temp Systems to learn more about the Smart Generator Paralleling Panel and how it can improve your standby power set up at your facility.