Quick Connect Boxes: The Quick and Simple Solution to Keep Your Service Station In-Service

Wall Mounted Generator Quick Connect Tap Boxes

Wall Mounted Generator Quick Connect Tap BoxesHurricane season is right around the corner once again. As many know, hurricanes are much easy to prepare for than to react to. Businesses especially need to be on the prepared side of things when hurricane season is approaching; especially businesses that are in high demand before and after storms. Service stations are probably the busiest businesses when hurricanes are approaching and after during hurricane recovery. So, it’s extremely important for service stations to have standby power available when the rest of the area is out of power from the grid.

Florida and Louisiana are two of the most often affected states during hurricane season. Recognizing that, both states have implemented laws that require service stations near interstate, highways, or evacuation routes to be able to switch to an alternative energy source quickly during a power outage. According to these Louisiana & Florida laws, service stations must either have standby generators with automatic transfer switches ready or appropriate wiring to quickly transfer the electrical load from utility power to alternate power sources in the event of a power failure. These laws are necessary for the betterment of a state’s emergency preparedness plan, but they put a new expense on these businesses. For larger chains, the expense incurred when equipping their station with a standby generator may not be much of an issue for them. For smaller chains, this expense may put owners in a difficult spot.

Power Temp Systems has a convenient and cost-effective answer for service stations falling into this predicament as well as any other business prepping for the upcoming hurricane season. Power Temp’s Wall Mounted Generator Quick Connect Tap Box is your answer. Our Quick Connect Box is permanently mounted to the building exterior and electrically connected to the service disconnect and utilizes a fail-safe trapped key interlock system. In the event of a power outage, the generator tap box is ready to receive temporary power quickly and safely through its built-in Cam-Lok receptacles.

Our Quick Connect Boxes can ease that expense of buying a standby generator for every station you own. Rather than buying a standby generator for each location, you can buy a small fleet of portable generators that you can store and rotate between locations as needed, or sign a rental contract with a generator rental company. If you equip each of your buildings with a Quick Connect Box, you can simply bring in one of your portable generators when you need it and have your staff connect the generator with the easy and safe Cam-Lok plug-and-play connections. Quick Connect Boxes allow you to move your generators quickly from location to location, easily connecting your generator without paying the heavy expense of calling an electrician at the last minute.

We built and perfected our Quick Connect Boxes for a variety of uses and situations, but our hope is to alleviate businesses’ worries when creating a viable disaster recovery plan. Quick Connect Boxes give users peace of mind knowing they are ready and prepared for an outage whether it’s during hurricane recovery or something completely unexpected.

Contact our sales team today to learn more about how Power Temp Systems’ Quick Connect Boxes can benefit your facility before, during, and after the oncoming hurricane season.