Versatile Generator Docking Panels for Any Facility in Any Environment

Basic Wall Mounted Generator Quick Connect Tap Boxes

Our versatile Generator Docking Panels go by many names, but regardless of what you call them, they are a safe and convenient solution for connecting your facility to a portable generator in the event of a power outage and/or to quickly and safely load test your existing backup generator.  Despite what the competitors call their units, they just can’t quite give users the accessibility and high quality that Power Temp Systems does with our Modular Quick Connect Docking Panels.

Each unit’s design is equipped with industry-standard cam-lok connection points which allow your staff to quickly and safely connect a generator without the need for an electrician which can be a delay when you need a generator brought in quickly. Not only is it hard to find an electrician last minute, but it’s also usually very expensive. Power Temp’s Quick Connect Docking Panels eliminate the need to scramble for a last-minute electrician. The modular design also allows for easier and safer installation in areas with restricted or limited accessibility, yet still, supply all of the standard features of our other quick connect docking panels.

Tap Boxes or Quick Connects are widely recreated and built by other companies, but they just don’t have the unique features and high-quality components that Power Temp Systems’ Quick Connect Docking Panels have.

Variations and Customizations

PTS offers size variations to match the voltage and amperage requirements from a small Add-On panel, to a Basic Wall Mount, to a combination Dual Purpose Portable Generator/ Load Bank Spec Grade Wall Mount with switches and breakers, and then up to our Modular pad mount units, either permanent or portable. There are also turnkey options like breakers, automatic transfer switches, manual transfer switches, phase rotation monitors, auto start connections, and load bank connections.

PTS’s docking panel enclosures are weather-proof and built with either aluminum or stainless steel. The enclosures of our docking stations also have tamper-resistant cable separators that keep each phase, neutral, and ground wire separated. Competitor units commonly have one narrow door that requires all of the cables to be stacked on top of each other that could cause possible heat buildup.

Modular and Space-Saving Design

generator docking panels with 45 degree cam-loksThe modular design and wider range of enclosures are key factors that set Power Temp Systems Docking Panels apart from the others. Our modular pad mount units allow for the roof of the unit to be installed on the bottom, mid, or top sections, depending on the single, double or triple application of the unit. Each section has side and rear removable access panels which make installation and service much easier. The removable top also allows for our units to utilize Nema 3R vertical flow-through ventilation, while the competitor units do not. The modular 31” wide design also allows for installing the units in tight or typically restricted areas for the competition.

For the trapped key interlocks on all PTS Quick Connects, PTS uses a zero maintenance, Castell embossed lock and key system which easily differentiates between the stainless keys, almost impossible to break, and almost impossible to lose.

The modular design of our pad mount units also includes 45-degree cam-lok inlets, which are easy to connect and significantly reduce the weight stress on the cam-lok cables. Most competitor units are built with inlets facing straight out, placing stress directly on cam-lok cables.

The Smart Buss System

Smart Lug mechanical compression lugs on T Slot BussOn our modular pad mount equipment, we utilize the Smart Buss System. It is 100 kA Silver Plated Copper, allows for the use of mechanical or 2-hole crimp-on lugs and the placement is adjustable. With no holes or drilling required, the contractor has the ability to adjust the lugs to match their cable terminations. All competitor bussing is drilled and only 65 kA rated with no adaptability or flexibility. Our Smart Buss System is all able to do this by utilizing the patented single or dual T-Slot Buss Bar.

The Smart Buss System also allows our modular docking panels to pass the UL heat rise test without the need for additional cam-locks per phase and neutral. Competitors’ units cannot utilize the Smart Buss System, forcing their units to have additional cam-loks in order to pass the same heat test as our units. The excess cam-loks make those units more expensive, larger, and require more cam-lok cable to operate.

Power Temp Systems has perfected our Quick Connect Docking Panels, making it the most versatile, complete, and economically satisfying system available. Integrating the most renowned and dependable electrical manufacturers in the world, Power Temp Systems can satisfy any portable emergency power system, from a 100A Add-On Panel to a 4000A Dual-Purpose Service Entrance Rated ATS with load bank connections and paralleling system.  We put the highest quality components into our units to ensure our customers can rely on our equipment when it counts the most, in critical situations. Our docking panels are the most complete solution on the market. Contact the power distribution experts at Power Temp Systems today to learn how you can implement our Quick Connect Docking Panels at your facility.