Smart Lug - Mechanical Lugs

Our PATENTED Smart Lug line of mechanical lugs is a repetitive, multi-use mechanical compression lug designed to alleviate the problems associated with standard aluminum allen wrench lugs.

The Smart Lug can be used for a variety of applications that require wiring and unwiring cable on a regular basis. It can accommodate both bare ended or eyelet wire, features an oblong shaped hole which makes connecting frayed cable easier, and allows for greater torque and cable compression.

The lug bolt features a compression end with a patented spinning tip that stays in place as the cable is compressed and does not twist and knurl the wire, extending the usability of the cable end and reducing the need to trim the cable ends after each use.

Additional Features
  • Plated copper or aluminum
  • Stud or Bolt, Tang w/ Hole, or Slotted Types
  • 1/2” threaded holes for ring terminals & eyelets
  • 2 x 1/4” threaded holes on Stud Type for anti-Spin
  • Square stock for added wrench support & torque
  • Rated for 600A and cable sizes #6 to 250 MCM
  • Spinning bolt tip compresses wire with no knurling
  • UL Listed
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Smart Lug mechanical compression lugs by Power Temp Systems Houston TX
Smart Lug mechanical lugs on T Slot Buss
Smart Lug Bolt mechanical lugs
Smart Lug mechanical lugs