Generator Docking Station - Wall Mounted Spec Grade

Wall Mounted Generator Quick Connect Tap Boxes go by many names, including quick connect generator docking station, generator connection box, generator docking panel, or quick connect docking panels. Regardless of what you call them, they are a safe and convenient solution for connecting your facility to a portable generator in the event of a power outage.

Each tap box design is equipped with industry-standard 16 Series Cam connection points which allow your staff to quickly and safely connect a generator without the need for an electrician.

Our spec-grade wall-mounted tap box has been designed to allow the safe integration of a portable generator or a permanent generator with an automatic transfer switch into an existing electrical system. It has all of the same features as our Basic Wall Mounted Tap Box, as well as the additional standard features listed below.

Standard Features

  • Extra depth for bottom conduit access.
  • Smart Lugs for hardwiring in addition to 16 series cams.
  • 65 kA plated copper common buss for 16 series cams, Smart Lugs, and permanent wiring.
  • Upper and Lower Split Doors allow independent access for operation and connection.
  • Padlockable “while in use”.
  • Adjustable backplate for switches and breakers.
  • Phase rotation monitor.

Available Options

  • Rotary transfer switch – dual breakers – ATS.
  • Trapped key access.
  • External pad-lockable load bank 16 Series Cams for dual purpose use with load dump receptacle.
  • Modular leg kit.
  • 2 wire auto start with signal destination switch.
  • 20A GFCI for battery charger.
  • 30A 125V receptacle for block heater.
  • Additional customizations are available by request.