Stage, Event Power Distribution Box

Our Expo Panel Event Power Distribution Boxes are UL Listed portable distribution boxes for use in convention and exposition halls, theatrical and other entertainment venues, and more. These boxes are built for “NEMA Type 1 Indoor Use Only” applications which also include television and motion picture studios, or theater/stage production areas. The “Expo Panel Series™” are constructed using a lightweight and high impact polycarbonate enclosure that has high-temperature dimensional stability and low-temperature impact strength, in addition to being flame retardant (to U.L. 94). The transparent front cover and the dead-front panel will allow the user to visually monitor and inspect the enclosed components without removing the cover.

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Expo Panel Power Distribution Boxes - 200-400 Amp

Standard Expo Panel Features

  • 60 Amp – 400 Amp configurations.
  • 208 Volt 3Ø Input (5-W Set 16 Series Cam-Lok or IEC-309 Pin & Sleeve).
  • High-quality output devices.
  • Lightweight, high impact polycarbonate enclosure.
  • Flame retardant (to U.L. 94).
  • Transparent front cover and dead-front panel.
  • NEMA Type 1 indoor use only.
  • UL Listed portable power distribution panel.

Available Options

  • Aluminum or steel powered-coated enclosure.
  • Removable gland plates for ease of output exchange.