Drop Over Cable Ramps

Checkers LINEBACKER® 1-CHANNEL DROP OVER CABLE PROTECTOR offers a quick solution to protect minimal runs of cable and hose lines. These models provide solutions for heavy-duty, high load-bearing operations as well as lighter duty, general purpose needs for cables up to 1.6″ high and 1.25″ wide.

  • Protects cables and hoses up to 1.25″ outside dia.
  • Patented T-Connectors to extend to any length.
  • Drop=over model.
  • All-weather polyurethane construction.
  • Modular interlocking design is lightweight and easy to transport, set up, disassemble, and store.
  • A quick solution to protect single runs of cable and hose lines.
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Checkers Drop Over Cable Ramps linebacker-1-channel-125-GP