Pad Mounted Generator Connection Cabinet

Modular Pad-Mounted Generator Quick Connect Panel Tap Boxes go by many names, including quick connect generator docking station, generator connection box, generator docking panel, or quick connect docking panels.

Regardless of what you call them, they are a safe and convenient solution for connecting your facility or existing backup system to a portable generator, load bank or both in the event of a power outage or for testing and maintenance.

Each tap box design is equipped with industry-standard 16 Series Cam connection points and/or our patented Smart Lug Mechanical Lugs, which allow you to quickly and safely connect a generator and/or load bank without the need for an electrician.

The modular pad-mounted tap box has been designed to allow you to choose a unit that does exactly what you need it to without any underutilized compartments, minimizing the space required for the unit. The modular design also allows for easier and safer installation in areas with restricted or limited accessibility, yet still, supply all of the standard features of our other quick connect docking panels.

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Quick connect generator connection cabinet, pad mounted

Standard Features

  • 400A – 4000A.
  • 400A – 2000A models are 31″ wide.
  • 2400A – 4000A  models are 48″ wide.
  • Three stackable sections: portable generator, load bank, breaker (isolation, utility main) / rotary transfer switch.
  • NEMA 3R aluminum powder coated or stainless steel.
  • Ventilated top and lower section.
  • Versatile modular design allows for minimum space and cost.
  • Color-coded 16 Series cams.
  • Hard-wire access with lugs.
  • Phase rotation monitor.
  • All required mechanical lugs.
  • Castell trapped key interlock on access and/or breaker (optional).

Available Options

  • Utility main breaker.
  • Permanent generator main breaker.
  • Load dump breaker.
  • Output/distribution breakers.
  • Rotary transfer switch.
  • Automatic transfer switch.
  • Common buss for paralleling.
  • Paralleling Controls.
  • Castell “zero maintenance” trapped key interlocks.
  • 45 degree 16 Series Cams with flip covers.
  • Smart buss connection system – Smart Lugs and Smart 16 Series Cams mounted on 100 kA T-slot buss bar.
  • Flange mount for insetting into building or generator walls.
  • Annunciation contacts.
  • Strip heaters with thermostat.
  • Any type or amperage auxiliary receptacles.
  • 700.3(F) Compliant Capability.
  • Additional customization is available by request.