Power Temp Systems, Inc. Receives U.S. Patent Approval for Smart Lug – Mechanical Compression Lugs

Houston, October 25, 2018: Power Temp Systems’ Smart Lug line of mechanical compression lugs is a multi-use mechanical lug designed to alleviate the problems associated with standard aluminum allen wrench lugs. PTS is extremely excited that the Smart Lug line has been approved for its U.S. patent. Power Temp Systems was issued Patent No. 10,096,935 for the line.

Smart Lug mechanical compression lugsThe Smart Lug can be used for a variety of applications that require wiring and unwiring cable on a regular basis. It can accommodate both bare ended or eyelet wires. It features an oblong shaped hole which makes connecting frayed cable easier allowing for greater torque and cable compression.

The lug bolt features a compression end with a patented spinning tip that stays in place as the cable is compressed. The tip does not twist or knurl the wire, extending the usability of the cable end and reducing the need to trim the cable ends after each use.

With the patent approval, Power Temp Systems, Inc. looks to continue to innovate the design of the Smart Lug and bring our groundbreaking power distribution products to new customers.


About Power Temp Systems, Inc.

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