Protecting Your Company’s Data with Reliable Power Distribution Equipment

Protecting Your Company’s Data with Reliable Power Distribution Equipment

At its simplest, a data center is a facility that houses an organization’s critical applications and data. They are designed around networks of computing devices and storage resources that enable the delivery of shared data and programs. The key components of a data center’s design will usually include routers, switches, firewalls, storage systems, servers, and application delivery controllers.

To understand what data centers do, some real-life applications and uses of data centers include:

  • Email and file sharing
  • Productivity applications
  • Customer relationship management
  • Enterprise resource planning and databases
  • Big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning
  • Virtual desktops, communications, and collaboration services

Quick Connect Docking Panels Tap Boxes Generator connection boxes quick connect docking stationsExperts predicted in 2016 that the demand for data centers in North America alone will double by 2021, and so far those numbers are steadily on track according to JLL. Supplying uninterrupted power to data centers 100% of the time is critical for the seamless transportation of data.

With the importance of data centers growing more and more each year, it is critical that data centers operate without a hiccup. Data centers don’t tolerate power spikes well, especially when switching from utility power to emergency standby power. If a data center loses power, even if only for a few seconds, a total restart of the system could be required. Power loss equates to system downtime, server downtime, startup issues, and the possibility of even losing data, so continuous power means saving a tremendous amount of headache.

Uninterrupted power is essential for a data center to run optimally without unnecessary system restarts and data loss. Standby power and reliable power distribution equipment can ensure that power is never interrupted even when transferring over to emergency standby power. Utilizing not only a standby generator but also efficient power distribution equipment creates power redundancy. This is the best way to ensure continuous power is available to your data center should anything happen that knocks out utility power.

Generator Quick Connect Panel Tap Boxes are a safe and convenient solution for connecting a data center to an existing standby power system. They also give you the ability to easily perform load bank testing and maintenance to ensure that generator is always ready to perform without a hiccup. A tap box eliminates the need for an electrician to connect and disconnect generators from your data center.

With the demand and need for data centers growing, standby power systems at data centers need to be efficient and reliable to reduce downtime and prevent the loss of any important data for businesses. To learn more about how Generator Quick Connect Panel Tap Boxes can increase the efficiency and reliability of your standby power systems, call the power distribution experts at Power Temp Systems today.

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