Nuclear Power Distribution Equipment

Power Temp Systems, Inc. offers a complete portfolio of portable power distribution equipment for Nuclear applications. Our Fukushima FLEX Strategy compliant portable power distribution products and related accessories provide a turn-key portable power solution for nuclear power facilities.

The entire system allows for safe and rapid deployment, using only a minimal amount of labor and basic hand tools. All of our equipment is UL Listed and has been field proven in the harshest environments around the world.

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In working with several clients, we have found that most of the system specifications are lacking details and are composed of items that many of the project committees do not understand. These specifications are exactly what we have been instrumental in developing over the last several decades, setting the standards in all the other industries.

With almost 30 years of experience in providing these products to the portable power industry, from power generating plants (nuclear, fossil, and natural gas), petro-chemical refineries, oil and gas exploration and production (onshore & offshore), or on-site for disaster recovery, PTS has the expertise to solve your facilities portable power challenges.

For years we have been involved in the nuclear industry assisting with maintenance and scheduled outages by providing temporary power to welders, lighting, hand tools, and portable office trailer compounds.

We have been able to assist with the Fukushima FLEX Strategy readiness plans in each facility.  As per the NRC Mitigation Strategies Order from March of 2012, all U.S. nuclear power plants are required to implement strategies that will allow them to cope without their permanent electrical power sources for an indefinite amount of time.

Solutions for Nuclear Applications:

• High Voltage Power Distribution Panels (600VAC & 480VAC)
• Low Voltage Power Distribution Panels (240VAC & 120VAC with GFCI Protection)
Transformer Packages (Step-Down)
• Disconnect Switches (Fused and Non-Fused)
Transfer Switches (Manual and Automatic)
• Lighting
Safety Cable Covers

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