How Can Your Facility Benefit from UL 1008 Certified Quick Connect Boxes?

UL 1008 Certified Quick Connect Boxes

What options do facilities have in the event of a power outage? Most companies think if they don’t have the budget to purchase a permanent standby generator, then they’re doomed to simply face the consequences of an outage. Well, Power Temp Systems has a viable solution for companies who might feel like they have no other alternatives.

The times of having to hardwire an emergency generator to your building are done.

With Power Temp Systems leading the charge into the future of power distribution, we’re saying goodbye to the hassles of hardwiring your backup generators and transfer switches with our generator quick connect tap boxes. Rather than purchasing and installing a permanent standby generator at your facility, you can give your facility the capability to connect a portable generator quickly and easily. Whether it be a portable generator you own and dispatch as needed, or a rental, our generator quick connect docking stations are designed to work with all portable generators.

Basic Wall Mounted Generator Quick Connect Tap Boxes
Basic Wall Mounted Generator Quick Connect Tap Boxes

Not only is Power Temp Systems changing the standard for how you can connect your facility to a backup power source, but we’re also ensuring that we’re producing the safest and most efficient equipment possible. Our quick connect panels are certified under UL 1008 regulations, the same category that transfer switches fall under, which means they are built to the highest of standards.

For reliability and the greatest likelihood that a switchover to backup power will always occur flawlessly, the experts at FacilitiesNet, who specialize in highlighting the best technology and practices in facility management and maintenance, recommend facility managers select a transfer switch or quick connect box that is built to UL 1008 standards. FacilitiesNet also reports that 92 percent of facility managers don’t even know if their current equipment is UL certified. Every facility manager should know what equipment they are preparing their facilities with, in the event of a power outage or emergency and be educated about the equipment they choose for their facilities before making a purchase.

Depending on the type of facility, business operations, revenue, and even inventory could be negatively affected by a power outage. In a recent survey by ASCO of facility managers who were unaware of UL certifications on their equipment, 20 percent of respondents reported at least one failure in just the previous five years. 42 percent of those failures left a facility without power for an extended period of time.

So why is it important that our quick connect boxes comply with UL 1008?

The UL standard sets the bar for all electrical equipment. So when your facility purchases equipment with the UL label on it, you can trust in it. Why can you trust UL-certified equipment? Simply put, it’s not easy to get UL certified. To become UL 1008 certified, the requirements include:

  • Equipment must meet specific construction requirements detailed in the UL standard manual.
  • UL 1008 also requires rigorous and regular testing of the transfer switches and quick-connect boxes by independent testing and certification agencies. These tests are done to ensure that the device can carry the necessary currents.
  • Endurance tests are also done. UL 1008 specifies a number of cycles that a transfer switch or quick connect box must be able to achieve while still performing efficiently and safely.
  • Manufacturers are visited regularly and randomly by certification agencies to ensure that products are continuously being engineered and constructed according to standards.

From the facility manager’s perspective, UL 1008 certified quick connect boxes offer a cost-efficient, safe and dependable way to transfer to and from a backup emergency power source during a power outage. Power Temp Systems’ quick connect technology is something that we are always innovating and integrating into our other modular power distribution equipment. Give us a call to set up a lunch and learn with one of our power distribution experts to learn how you can implement our equipment to safeguard your facility or improve your operations.