What is a Load Bank?

So what is a load bank? A load bank is a device which develops an electrical load and applies the load to an electrical power source. It converts or dissipates the resultant power output of the source. A load bank includes load elements with protection, control, metering and accessory devices required for operation. Load banks replicate, prove and verify the real-life demands of critical power systems.

Load Bank Applications

  • Portable-Load-Bank-100-KW-Auto-Load-Bank-Transfer-DistributionFactory testing of turbines and engine diesel generator sets
  • Reduction of wet stacking problems in diesel engines run at light load
  • Periodic exercising of standby engine generator sets
  • Battery and UPS system testing
  • Ground power testing
  • Load optimization in prime power applications
  • Removal of carbon build-up on generator piston rings
  • Load rejection tests
  • Data center tests

There are the stationary or mounted load banks as well as portable load banks. Mounted load banks are used at permanent locations that have standby power generation systems that need periodic testing. Portable load banks are more versatile units that can be used to test a multiple of standby power generation systems all the way to testing smaller portable generators used in the field.

Being able to test your multiple gensets amongst your vast field of work with one unit saves time and money when compared to having multiple stationary load banks for each of your units that can’t be moved to test new locations or portable generators. The versatility of portable load banks have made them a standout choice for many companies.

What We Can Do For You

As a supplier of specialized “built to order” products, Power Temp Systems has since developed a complete line of standard portable electrical products that use the latest technology while maintaining the quality and versatility we promise with all of our products. One of those products is our portable load banks. With our load banks, you can easily and automatically add the load required to keep your generators running at peak performance while having a transfer switch to balance hours or service connection. With our portable load banks, PTS has all your required output receptacles and breakers all in one package.

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