Working To Better Equip Healthcare Facilities During COVID-19 Response 

We have always prided ourselves on creating innovative equipment that helps streamline businesses and operations, but now more than ever we are working to put our equipment where it can be the most helpful. Healthcare employees all across the country are working long and hard hours to help test and care for patients who have been affected by COVID-19. Temporary, pop-up testing centers have been created across the country to streamline testing while keeping patients isolated from other individuals to minimize the possible spread of the virus. These test and treatment locations are made possible by portable power sources and portable power distribution units that deliver power throughout the site.  

Test and treatment sites are being built away from normal hospitals or healthcare facilities to limit exposure to the virus. Medical equipment is being brought into these temporary facilities and that equipment needs power. There are also heating and cooling elements needed at these sites as well as lighting.  For these testing and treatment facilities, we’ve provided General Power Distribution Panels, Quick Connect Output Panels, Spider Boxes, and I-line Panels just to name a few. All of the equipment we are providing for temporary facilities are UL-certified and built with materials that can withstand harsh environments to assure it is reliable and gets the job done.  

We are working around the clock to get hospitals and COVID-19 treatment facilities the equipment that they desperately need to provide the care and service people across the country need and deserve. We are all in this together and Power Temp Systems will continue to do its part to keep relief efforts moving forward. For healthcare facilities in need of equipment, contact the power distribution experts at PTS today at (800) 472-1158.