Choosing UL Certified Equipment Can Save Your Project from Ending in Flames

If there’s anything that disasters can teach us, it’s how we can be better as a society to prevent history from repeating itself. With the recent and tragic fire at the historic Notre Dame cathedral, what we do know prior to a thorough investigation is that the fire was probably due to an accident. The nearly 900-year-old cathedral was undergoing renovations and that leads us to question the electrical equipment that was being used. Was the fire due to contractors using electrical equipment not UL-certified? Could the loss of 900 years of art and culture within the cathedral have been prevented by using more reliable power distribution equipment? Electric fires have been a silent killer in our society for a very long time now. The sad part is that many of them could have been avoided simply by using better equipment.

According to data collected by the NFPA, local fire departments have reported an estimated average of 44,880 electrical fires per year since 2012 that were started due to failures or faulty equipment. In those same studies, the NFPA also found that electrical distribution equipment was the third leading type of equipment involved in fires in the U.S. between 2012-2016, just behind cooking equipment and heating equipment. This is what investigators think might be the cause of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire. The building had been undergoing renovations at the point of the tragic fire, which brought in electrical distribution equipment and industrial lighting.

The best way for contractors to avoid becoming another statistic is by tackling future projects with higher awareness of electrical safety. An easy first step contractors can take towards better electrical safety practices is understanding the importance of the equipment they use on projects. Using UL-certified equipment seems like an obvious choice for contractors, yet many cut corners to save on their budget when it comes to purchasing high-quality equipment. Although UL-certified equipment may be take up more room on your budget, the impact it makes on your project’s safety and success is priceless.

Equipment stamped with the UL seal of approval indicates that the product you are purchasing has passed rigorous quality and safety tests. UL performs field tests on products that bear their seal to ensure they meet UL’s standards. In order to meet those high standards, UL-certified equipment is built with higher quality material, making these products not only safe and able to withstand frequent relocation and the abuse, but also worth the extra investment. Electrical fires are an ever-present threat for contractors and their customers, but they are preventable.

The contractor market is saturated. One way to set yourself apart from the rest is by building and sustaining a reputation of great results and high safety standards. Both are reinforced with the equipment you use. Power Temp Systems’ power distribution products are built to the highest quality standards. They are engineered and designed to meet and exceed all standards by UL. Contact our sales team today to learn how we can help you build your company’s reputation with our innovative, and safe, power distribution products.